Sunday, July 18, 2010

a7laaaa lips :*

now this is a great product.....check it out :D

lazzzim tshtaroon! SO GOOD

I've always been looking for the best body moisturizer...and this IS IT! :) found at your local supermarket I'm sure you've seen it...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hair VITAMINS -Tester 3

Someone told me these were sold in Saudi and so many say this is so gooood! If that's the case I will look out for this in the stores I MUST TRY!! They say it's sold in Pharmacies, girls any of you have tried this, found it?

Week 3 - lose weight

I know I havent been blogging in awhile...but here I am with an update. I'm in my third week (won't finish till wednesday 23-6-2010 so one more day) I've lost 3 kilos!!

Al7amdellah..*positive thinking people!!!*

I can't to finish as a complete month. I think I will continue this for awhile as I plan to lose 7 more kilos and I will inshallah :D It's still quite tiring, I feel so healthy now my heart racing type of exercise is much better than my previous workouts.
I used to spend 40 mins 5x a week for a month and barely lost a kilo!!! I was mortified.

Wohooooooooooo, girls try it!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Week 1: Lose Weight

Now, I've tried that for a week...and I must say it's tiring!! wow I never imagined exercising for just one minute every 4 minutes of break would be so tiring it's great! I never used to feel half as tired while working out for 40 mins! This seems that it might work...going to do it again today (Saturday) then Monday then Wednesday...wish me luck! :D

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I must try!!!

Lose weight with around
5 minutes of exercise
3 x a week ???

Now there's this new fad -

(new to me but it was discovered in 2005) that

spending an hour in the gym sometimes just

doesn't cut it for some people.

I am one of those "people".

So there's this exercise regime that consists of :

  • 40-60 sec High intensity (if you can go on for 6o seconds that's fine but if you can only go on for 40 seconds thats fine too of the maximum power/speed you can do on the treadmill or on the bike or eliptical machine or aerobics)

followed by:

  • 4 min recovery (time to breathe let your heart rate go down DO NOTHING)

followed by:

  • 45-60 sec High intensity (same thing could be on the treadmill etc.)

followed by:

  • 4 min recovery ( again time to breathe let your heart rate go down DO NOTHING)

followed by:

  • 45-60 sec High intensity (same thing could be on the treadmill etc.)

  • cool down.
I shall try it starting Saturday 29th May 2010....let's see if it's true. Wish me luck

Now I know this sounds crazy but this is according to "IDEA health and fitness association"

as well as many scientific studies:


You need to do it 3x a week because the next day your body needs to rest in order to burn the fat (instead of simply burning calories as normal 30mins of exercise would of).

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hair perfume in a bottle...

Now, I'm not blogging about this wonderful perfume that's for hair I'm going to blog about this much acclaimed Shampoo...known for it's mesmerizing adverts of women washing their hair in the shower and are overwhelmed by the wonderful fragrances.

I'm talking about Herbal Essence.

It smells great ....while you're in the shower lathering.
It simply doesn't last sadly.

And for what it's worth, it is the worst shampoo/ conditioner on the Saudi market at getting my unruly dry hair smooth.
Now if you're shaking your oily/normal haired head saying no then you have no room to speak LOL because dry hair is my target....not many of us were blessed with shiny asian-like hair from birth.

So NO.

NO to Herbal can collect dust on my shelf I'm not using it on my hair.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Verdict....on Tester 1

yes, yes and yes...after the first week you will begin to see the difference and a month has passed now and I definitely saw a difference. Anyone interested in giving it a shot?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Path to Clear Skin...Tester 1

I've went down to my nearby GNC, if you live here that you would know there are conveniently everywhere! I got myself this Pantothenic pills as I need to clear up my skin asap. I've read all types of reports on it's effectiveness but I'm eager to put this to the test.

I've started taking these pills on March 19 and the claim is that you will see a big result within a month..I took one pill every for a week followed by two the following week till now. I shall update accordingly :)

I may add that I'm also using Eskinol as a toner (sold at any local store here) 2x daily and I'm not drinking milk or I've heard that hormones in milk may cause spots. So let's be on the safe side....hope this works!

Poof and I'm here!

If you're a product-crazed woman that heads fore Beauty isle at first chance than you've come to right spot....may I mention that I live in Saudi Arabia and over here we have a different selection of products in store.

Here I will personally test out the products that are sold in Saudi, no I will not test out products that we can't even get over here, what's the point? lol

I will put to the test all those local brands of hair oils that many women over here rave about, all the ranges of shampoos, skin care, hamam zait...

I WILL ONLY GIVE HONEST OPIONIONS I'm not working for Pantene (I wish I was haha) but I'm on the search...for the must be out there.