Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Eczema & the Un-buyable Product

Okay, for those who have Eczema like one of my family members you must know it's a pain to control. Now, there are many medicated treatments out there like Elica-M cream but prolonged and excessive use is not advisable as there are a certain amount of Steroid in the cream. So the solution is? I've tried and tested this on a family member and now they ask me to give them this facial atleast once a week and it's so soothing and really works to control the redness,dryness, and overall discomfort.

 Here it is:

 1 small tub of yogurt (I'm from KSA so I use Almarai lol just to happens to be in the fridge) 

1 TB of honey

 4 TBs of oatmeal (I used the container pictured)

Mix it together until it forms a thick paste, adding a little more oatmeal if too watery. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and rinse off. The results are almost immediate, love it! There is however an alternative for dryness with oatmeal at Lush bodyshop but we do not have this store yet in the Gulf with the exception of UAE. Thank you followers, let me know if you love this too.


Dany said...

Thanks for nominating me for a blog award.
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Curious Khaleejiyah said...

Oh really? That's great, keep it up :)

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