Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Verdict....on Tester 1

yes, yes and yes...after the first week you will begin to see the difference and a month has passed now and I definitely saw a difference. Anyone interested in giving it a shot?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Path to Clear Skin...Tester 1

I've went down to my nearby GNC, if you live here that you would know there are conveniently everywhere! I got myself this Pantothenic pills as I need to clear up my skin asap. I've read all types of reports on it's effectiveness but I'm eager to put this to the test.

I've started taking these pills on March 19 and the claim is that you will see a big result within a month..I took one pill every for a week followed by two the following week till now. I shall update accordingly :)

I may add that I'm also using Eskinol as a toner (sold at any local store here) 2x daily and I'm not drinking milk or I've heard that hormones in milk may cause spots. So let's be on the safe side....hope this works!

Poof and I'm here!

If you're a product-crazed woman that heads fore Beauty isle at first chance than you've come to right spot....may I mention that I live in Saudi Arabia and over here we have a different selection of products in store.

Here I will personally test out the products that are sold in Saudi, no I will not test out products that we can't even get over here, what's the point? lol

I will put to the test all those local brands of hair oils that many women over here rave about, all the ranges of shampoos, skin care, hamam zait...

I WILL ONLY GIVE HONEST OPIONIONS I'm not working for Pantene (I wish I was haha) but I'm on the search...for the must be out there.