Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hair VITAMINS -Tester 3

Someone told me these were sold in Saudi and so many say this is so gooood! If that's the case I will look out for this in the stores I MUST TRY!! They say it's sold in Pharmacies, girls any of you have tried this, found it?

Week 3 - lose weight

I know I havent been blogging in awhile...but here I am with an update. I'm in my third week (won't finish till wednesday 23-6-2010 so one more day) I've lost 3 kilos!!

Al7amdellah..*positive thinking people!!!*

I can't to finish as a complete month. I think I will continue this for awhile as I plan to lose 7 more kilos and I will inshallah :D It's still quite tiring, I feel so healthy now though....got my heart racing type of exercise is much better than my previous workouts.
I used to spend 40 mins 5x a week for a month and barely lost a kilo!!! I was mortified.

Wohooooooooooo, girls try it!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Week 1: Lose Weight

Now, I've tried that for a week...and I must say it's tiring!! wow I never imagined exercising for just one minute every 4 minutes of break would be so tiring it's great! I never used to feel half as tired while working out for 40 mins! This seems that it might work...going to do it again today (Saturday) then Monday then Wednesday...wish me luck! :D