Monday, September 5, 2011

I will get rid of damaged ends once and for all! :D

Hello fans, product-lovers...

I have dry ends....I've used countless products (many of which I bought while travelling in attempt to reclaim my once-healthy hair). Do they:

  1. Add shine
  2. Put all those capsule spilling vitamins into my hair (like the Saudi tv ads)
  3. Leave it super soft

No. Mostly once any of those points are achieved the effects of which only lasts for a few days.
Now I don't want hair that "looks healthy" "feels soft"...I want it to actually BE healthy.

Thank you for your understanding lol.

Just when I was about to lose hope I've discovered Royal jelly + Omega 6 L'oreal Shampoo and Conditioner. I'm not just saying so, I've really really found a difference in the condition of my hair.
Royal Jelly is known to be a source of Vitamin B5 which boosts the condition of the hair.

Omega 6 also aids in dryness and promotes growth. Brilliant!

I'm all for looking for the natural ingredients. Recently I've read (yes, I am that obsessed) about L'oreal laboratories patenting a new formula that acts like the natural lipids found in hair. Lipids are like a cement for the hair it helps bond the cuticles keeping it healthy and split-free. As the hair grows the ends tend to lose this natural lipid. Ceramide-R is the component used to mimic this lipid and is placed in Shampoos/Conditioners to help replace these lost lipids. Results: Split-end free/protected hair.

Of course I bought it. So happy that I did too! I even use the stuff as a serum during the day to calm down my curls. I really do see that the hair seems to "sealed".

Try it out for yourself ladies.

But do tell me what you think of my two new favourite products Saudi has to offer.


♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

Thanks for all that info. Damage ends are enemy of healthy hair.Love your blog.

Follow each other .

Chick Flick Journal said...

thanks for sharing really needed it

m-a-n-x said...

your welcome ladies, and guess what I'm still using this product and loving it!

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