Sunday, June 24, 2012

Top seller product: Macademia oil found in KSA

I've recently bought this mini packet from a shop in one of the malls here because this is a top selling product online and I thought it'd be worth a try. Its a mixture of oils and is basically a mask. I thought the results was okay nothing to brag about. A week later I mixed my own concoction of coconut oil, almond oil,and olive oil and heate that up in the microwave and left it on for awhile then washed it off. I must say my hair was much more softer with my home version sadly. Oh well there are plenty more products to try.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Hair Miracle?

I was so excited when I saw the whole package of this hair treatment. 

I bought and took this picture as soon as I got in lol since it promised to reverse damage in a month (of dry hair).

I used the whole treatment from shampoo to conditioner to the one wash treatment and sprayed my hair with the extra "gift".

My hair was very soft during lathering...after my hair dried once out of the shower it became severely dry!! Just so so so dry I don't know what I did wrong.

So I tried it again on another day...with the whole range (from shampoo to spray) and again incredibly dry. I needed to take roughly a month of finding all kinds of leave-ins and going back to my L'oreal Royal Jelly Conditioner and many  oil treatments for it to be somewhat less dry.

I contacted Pantene and inquired them about the reason for this dryness because it really was the bad but I never received any response from them.

I even later found some reviews stating it made their hair dry too...while some others said it was fine so I guess it depends on your hair type as for me I have dry curly thick hair.

Anyone else tried this dear readers?