Sunday, February 26, 2012

Skin Update !

Just to re-cap on my previous posts about skin...:)

Okay the Pantothenic acid pills I was taking in my last post on skin had some improvements to the clarity of my skin but the results were NOT dramatic so I decided it wasn't worth the extra....
80 riyals lol.

Now, what I must say is that I'm not a fan of your average over-the counter cleanser ( no Clearasil/Clean and Clean has ever worked for me)..BUT in my desperation I tried out another Neutrogena cleanser as it was the top cleanser in the product awards lately..and it's worth every 40 riyal LOL. It's not harsh on my skin like Neutrogena usually is (which I liked) and I definitely found improvements in my skin.

So here it is ladies your cleanser for oily/acne prone skin :

Saudi Beauty Tester is Baaaack!

Fellow beauty addicts!

No I haven't left the Kingdom (cries inside lol) was just simply preoccupied but I promise to continue updating you with my latest beauty buys that I found were great.
Okay...let me not ramble luckily I found these products in Saudi (yes I'm sure you know MAC is everywhere).

Here they are:

E/S (eyeshadow)

  1. Patina (very versatile can be used on it's own or in combination with others).

All that glitters

Mistletoe NailpolishJustify Full

Angel Lipstick

Now I know there many favourites in the world of MAC but these were the sold out items in the branch I went to in the arabian side of the world :)

As a side note, what do you ladies think about the new policy of Saudi women make-up sales ladies? I personally am relived at the thought. No more flirtations from sleazy make-up sales men and them analysing my skin :S :S

Ta-ta for now ladies!