Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hair perfume in a bottle...

Now, I'm not blogging about this wonderful perfume that's for hair I'm going to blog about this much acclaimed Shampoo...known for it's mesmerizing adverts of women washing their hair in the shower and are overwhelmed by the wonderful fragrances.

I'm talking about Herbal Essence.

It smells great ....while you're in the shower lathering.
It simply doesn't last sadly.

And for what it's worth, it is the worst shampoo/ conditioner on the Saudi market at getting my unruly dry hair smooth.
Now if you're shaking your oily/normal haired head saying no then you have no room to speak LOL because dry hair is my target....not many of us were blessed with shiny asian-like hair from birth.

So NO.

NO to Herbal can collect dust on my shelf I'm not using it on my hair.



Lalloosha said...

lol yea herbal essence dries ur hair up....i used to use it long ago but ever since i tried alberto shampoo and conditioner....never turned back....i have curly hair....but their products range for all hair types....giv it a try:D

Rummy said...

I only used it once and regretted my life on why I used it. My hair was seriously in drought crying for some conditioning. I still don't understand why it's still in the market.

Curious Khaleejiyah said...

Lallosha and Rummy, I'm glad you both agree!!!

we must spread the word..

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